Oct 3-4 Austin, TX
MondoCon 2015 Oct 3-4 Austin, TX


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All MondoCon attendees will need a ticket to enter. You may purchase up to four tickets! You will need to redeem a physical pass when you arrive at MondoCon. More information on this as we get closer to convention time!

There are tickets for Saturday Only, Sunday Only, and Saturday + Sunday 2-day Admission. Single day tickets are $45 and 2-day tickets are $90. 

Due to capacity restrictions MondoCon tickets will be available only while supplies last! There may be a limited number of stand-by wristbands available at The Marchesa Hall and Theatre on each day of the event, and will only be sold based on available capacity.

All ticket sales are final and non-transferrable.


Can't wait! twitter.com/jock4twenty/st…

@mrpatean Hi Mr. P. We'll be premiering the vinyl and the poster at MondoCon this October! Visit here for more info: mondo-con.com/blog/black-swa…

@thevaltroman @MondoNews @dweebofthedead @wolfesclothing The Black Swan poster is a MondoCon exclusive poster. All the more reason to come?